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The WEN PW31 offers some of the best features in a home pressure washer system. With its cordless operation, any task is manageable. Whether it is being used to remove old paint, clean the driveway, or clean a wooden deck, the WEN PW31 can handle almost any pressure washer related task. WEN has been one of the more popular pressure washer systems and is backed by a technician support line and a two-year warranty.

This washer powers through grime with a 208cc 4 stroke engine that can pump over 2.5 gallons per minute. This powerhouse creates 3100 PSI of pressure to aid in any daunting task. It comes with a quick change nozzle so it can be switched out for various jobs. Additionally, it comes with a 30-foot hose for larger coverage. All of this sits on a metal frame atop 12-inch never-flat tires and a cushioned grip for easy mobility.  The 5 interchangeable nozzles are stored in their own slots and range from 0 to 40-degree nozzles. This washer also has an onboard soap tank that holds approximately 32 ounces of detergent for anything requiring cleaning solution.

The WEN PW31 is easy to store as it has a more compact size and weighs around 67 pounds. It also features an axial cam pump, which is sturdier than most leading pressure washers and will provide a longer lifespan. The only issue we found with this unit is that the hose is not as quality made as the hoses of other pressure brands. Specifically, this hose is easier to rip and tear with excessive use. We found this to be a minor issue, as a hose can be replaced, but it would be better if the out-of-box hose was higher quality.


Very small and lightweight yet powerful

Good for Painting Contractors - extremely durable

Comes with extra spray tip and gun

Overall We'd Say

This is a great pressure washer for the money. It’s more for recreational use than commercial use, but the pump in the pressure washer is very durable, which many argue is more important than the actual engine.