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When looking for a cheap and effective washer, the Powerstroke Gas Pressure Washer is the perfect solution. At its low price of $200.00, the buyer truly does get what they pay for. Compared to other models, this one lacks features and power, but it can be beneficial to someone who wants to complete smaller tasks. We would recommend this to homeowners for quick cleans or professionals who may need a small backup sprayer.

This model offers a PSI of 2200 and has an output of 2 gallons per minute. It does this with its 140cc motor, which is small and compact. This power is good for cleaning gutters and small grime on cars or homes. It comes with a 24-foot long hose and two interchangeable tips. The two tips are 25 and 40 degrees, so there is not an option for a smaller degree tip for heavier tasks. It also has a low-pressure soap tip for extra cleaning ability. The spray gun is chrome plated and has a quick-connect coupler.

This unit sits on top of two 7 inch wheels that are unfortunately not pneumatic never-flat tires. This can cause an issue with mobility as it cannot handle different types of terrain. This unit comes with a 2-year warranty, so any issue can be handled by the manufacturer. This unit is super compact, inexpensive, and simple in design. It was made with furniture and car cleaning in mind, but it has the ability to clean siding with some effort. It doesn’t offer an aboard detergent unit, so it is not entirely handy for mobility purposes. This unit is good for those looking for a cheaper model that can provide basic cleaning functions.


Very affordable

Selectable water pressure on the handle

Lightweight for easy mobility

Overall We'd Say

We wouldn’t recommend this pressure washer for commercial use, but it’s pretty good for the money in a recreational sense. It doesn’t have a soap compartment unfortunately, but as far as pressure goes, it should get most around-the-house jobs done. The affordability of the unit makes it very accessible for most homeowners.