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The Generac 6923 provides a great deal of cleaning power and has a lot of versatility. It is one of the more affordable pressure washers, averaging around $370.00. Additionally, it is user-friendly. The unit is made of a powder-coated steel frame and sits on two never-flat pneumatic wheels. It also has a foam grip for comfort during transportation.  This sprayer weighs a total of 57 pounds, which is light when compared to most other pressure washers.

The PSI for this model outputs at 3100, which makes it perfect for heavy duty tasks such as cleaning concrete or prepping to paint. It includes a 0, 25, and 45-degree tip as well as a chemical tip for applying soap. It is easy to change the tips, and they are stored at the top of the unit for easy access. The spray gun is economic, with a cushioned grip and a trigger that is easy to squeeze. We think this gun is one of better ones that a pressure washer can offer. Not only is it comfortable to grip, but it also is easy to control during use. It is attached to a 25-foot hose that connects to the back of the unit.

The engine is an OHC shaft engine which is horizontal for easier hose connection. It has enough power to eliminate thick grease stains and any debris that may be stuck-on. The Generac 6923 also has an attached 1/2 inch thick 1-gallon detergent tank. This is better for mobility and the ability to clean when needed, rather than connecting a hose to a detergent bucket.  This model provides a lot for its price. With the integrated detergent bucket and the comfortable spray gun, this model is ideal for anyone who needs a versatile washer. We recommend this model to professionals due to its compact and versatile design.


Great power for its weight

You can select the power pressure right on the gun

Great for residential use due to its mobility

Overall We'd Say

This is a great pressure washer for the everyday homeowner. It’s not overly heavy which makes it easy to move around outside. We were surprised by the price considering its power output. Sometimes the hose gets in the way of the muffler, but this is overshadowed by its overall mobility and design.