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The Generac 6565 is a powerful washer built for functionality and ease-of-use. With this model, the buyer certainly does pay for quality, as the average price is around $980.00. This model has a lot to offer in terms of function and versatility. The engine is a Generac 420 cc OHV that can deliver more than enough power for tough jobs. It has a low oil sensor to inform the user of oil levels and can even shut down to prevent any damage to the unit. It has a maximum output of 4200 PSI, which is more than enough to clean concrete, grease stains, and any heavy-duty project. Made with a Pro-grade Triplex pump, this washer lasts more than 4X longer than other leading models.

This unit includes 5 quick changing tips, including 0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees tips plus the soap nozzle for grimy projects. Each of these tips can be used to either strip, clean, or blast large areas, so there is a nozzle for each project. The steel brushed frame helps in extending the lifespan of the sprayer and includes a step to use while starting the sprayer. All of this sits on top of two pneumatic never-flat wheels, which allow the model to maneuver around rough terrain.

Generac produces quality products and this unit is nothing short of their standards. It weighs around 150 pounds, which is a hassle when using this at different sites. Fortunately, the unit makes up for its hefty size with the included 50 hose that easily reaches hard to reach spots. The included spray gun has a metal wand at the end and features an easy-to-pull trigger, however, this wand is not the best that we have seen. With the onboard storage for the nozzle tips and hose, it does make it easy to keep track of all included items. Overall, this is a great unit for any professional and can easily accomplish various cleaning jobs.


Super powerful

Relatively affordable considering the power

Oversized tires for easier mobility

Easy to start

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Careful with the power on this one. It can handle almost any job and is pretty affordable considering its commercial capabilities. Most commercial pressure washers are at least $1,500 or more, but you can get this one for around $1,000. We’ve found it to be very reliable and strongly recommend this pressure washer for homeowners and professionals.