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The Excell Gas Power Pressure Washer is an inexpensive model that offers a great amount of spraying power. It has a 212CC Excell OHV engine and has an output of 3100 PSI. The 2.8 gallons per minute is more than other leading brand washers and offers a good amount of coverage for continuous work.  This model is perfect for decks, driveways, and even patio furniture. It has 5 quick changing nozzles that are the standard 0, 15, 25, and 40-degree nozzles plus the low-pressure soap tip.

The unit comes with a 25-foot hose and a comfortable spray gun. All of this sits on top of two 10 inch never-flat pneumatic wheels. The heavy-duty roll cage protects the unit from damage and is sturdy enough to withstand a lot of damage. The model is designed to sit low, making it easy to store as well as more mobile. All the accessories, including the gun, hose, and nozzle tips, can be stored on the unit itself. This model does not have an onboard detergent storage, which can be a bit of a hassle when using soap. Instead, it needs to be connected to an outside detergent bucket with a siphon tube.

The Excell Gas Powered Pressure Washer is ideal for any professional who is looking to save some money. The unit offers a lot of power and with its 3100 PSI, and can complete multiple jobs. Whether it is being used for concrete cleaning or paint prepping, this model has various tips to fit the right job. If the lack of onboard detergent storage is a big deal, then we do not recommend this product. It requires mild setup to use soap, so it can be a hassle. Overall, it has one of the best pressure washer engines we have found.


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Compact design

Sturdy frame/rust resistant

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This pressure washer is more reliable than we expected considering the low price. More for recreational use, you’ll find it pretty easy to use. It’s also pretty powerful for the price tag. We wouldn’t quite designate it for commercial use, but you could probably use it for more intense jobs. We couldn’t find many complaints with this unit. It’s definitely a good buy.