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At an average price of $270.00, the Duromax Pressure Washer is a bargain compared to other leading models. As with the price, the unit is made with that price in mind. It has a DuoMax 5HP Engine with a low oil shutdown function. When the oil is low, the unit will shut off to prevent any damage to the engine or other connected functions. The engine has an output of 2700 PSI, which is the perfect amount for heavy or light tasks. It can put out 2.3 gallons of water per minute, which is around average for a sprayer of this function.

The unit comes with a 25-foot house and a long spray gun for hard to reach places. Compared to other models, this spray gun is above average. It is comfortable to grip and has an easy-to-squeeze grip. It includes 5 quick change nozzles, so it can be adjusted for different jobs. These nozzles include a 0, 15, 24, and 40-degree nozzle plus a low-pressure soap tip. The nozzles, hose, and gun are stored on the top of the unit, near the grip, for ease of use.

The frame is built out of welded steel, which protects the pump and engine. The attached handle has a large foam grip for easy pulling/pushing. The entire unit sits on two large never-flat pneumatic wheels. The wheels are high quality and can handle various types of terrain without an issue. The unit weighs 65 pounds and is taller than most models. It is not as easy to store as leading brands but can be stored and moved around with ease. Overall, it is a great pressure washer for any task. It can be used to clean concrete, decks, and even help with paint prep. We recommend this model to any DIY looking for a heavier duty model or a professional wanting an inexpensive model.


Very affordable

Easy storage for hose/gun on the unit

Big gas tank/less refills needed

Overall We'd Say

This is a great unit for the money. We’ve heard very few complaints with the operation or setup of this pressure washer. It’s more for recreational use; pressure washing your car, house or driveway. This is one of the better finds for the money that we’ve found.