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The Briggs and Stratton Gas Pressure Washer is a vertical unit with various features that has a powerful engine to handle any task.  The unit has a 190 CC OHC engine that can deliver 8.75 lbs of torque. The maximum output is 31000 psi and it can produce 2.5 gallons per minute. It also has an easy-to-start pump for higher performance and little effort when starting. The unit has an integrated detergent tank, so adding any soap is as easy as pouring it and letting the engine run it through.

This unit comes with a 30-foot high-pressure hose that was designed with harsh environments in mind. It can handle kinks and any abrasions that a work site might throw at it. The entire base is a large steel cover that is durable and better than most frames. The design is different than other leading brands since it doesn’t have a frame, but a handle and a block that the engine sits on.  The handle can be folded down so storage is easy, as the unit is compact.  The unit has 4 tips that are 0, 25, and 40-degree nozzles with an additional low-pressure soap tip.

The overall feel of using this pressure washer is perfect. It has quiet sense technology which helps keep the engine 40% quieter than other pressure washer models. The additional benefit of the engine is that it never requires an oil change. Instead, the oil only needs to be checked and added when necessary. The feel of this washer is great and it offers a variety of features at a good price. It is more durable than most middle range sprayers. At around $430.00, it is a great price for a powerful engine. This model is ideal for anyone wanting a great washer at a great price.


Pretty quiet in idle mode

Electric starter

Fair price

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This unit is probably not ready for the hardcore jobs, but it can easily handle any job around the house. We heard some complaints about the electric starter seizing up sometimes, but overall this is a good product for the money. The setup is really easy; you should have it up and running within 20 minutes.