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The Scotch Blue Multi-Use Painter’s Tape is a handy tool to have in any professional painter’s toolbox. It contains 60 yards per roll and has a width of 1.88 inches. This a versatile type of tape that can be used when painting trim, wood, and ceilings. It has an easy to remove function, so it won’t damage surfaces when removing it. It is smooth and lightly textured to prevent irritating surfaces. This tape can stay on for 14 days and still be easily removed. This tape is what any homeowner or professional needs for painting details in their home. It will provide a flawless job that prevents paint from getting on surfaces with ease. With this tape, quality will never be an issue. It will always handle any painting task with easy application. Averaging around $7.00 per roll, this tape has a lot of length and is a great value for any painter.


Removes without residue

Easy application

Sticks really well

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This is a great tape for painting contractors. You can mask almost anything quicker than most competitors. Using it for the entire house can get kind of expensive, so we recommend saving this tape for areas that need a crisp line.