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ScotchBlue’s newest release is a professional painters tape called Advanced Multi-Surface. This tape has a width of 1.41 inch and covers 60 yards of length. It has a new feature called Advanced Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector. This feature helps provide smoother, more flawless paint lines. This tape can be used for interior or exterior projects since it can be attached to various surfaces. Ranging from wood to glass, this tape has a medium adhesion to stick to anything. It can stay in place for up to 14 days, so preparing it in advance is not an issue. One of the best features of this tape is that it can block out UV rays and is sunlight resistant. This helps keep paint and stripes in perfect condition when painting on a sunny day.  This tape is easy to pull away and leaves no residue after use. We recommend this to anyone wanting to complete heavier jobs or to those who need something that works on various surfaces.


Works well on trim and baseboards

UV resistant

60-day removal period

Overall We'd Say

This is a great tape for painters but it comes with a high price tag. You can leave this tape up for 60 days without it pulling off all your hard work when removed. The UV resistance makes it great for outdoor use as well.