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Frog Tape is one brand that has taken a backseat to Scotch in the painting industry, but it provides the same quality of surface coverage as its competitors. This tape is made with professional painters and avid DIYers in mind. It is a 60-yard roll with a width ranging from 0.94 inches to 1.88 inches depending on the painter’s needs. It can stay on surfaces for over 20 days without an issue of removal or loss of stickiness. The adhesive has medium hold, so it is best used for long lasting jobs. It can be used on any surface, including walls, wood furniture, metal, and even glass without causing damage. Frog Tape has a patented PaintBlock technology integrated into all of their tapes. This means that it will leave a perfect line when painting over accidentally or for creating stripe patterns. We recommend using a putty knife with this tape to maximize its potential for blocking paint.


Still removes easily after 7 days

Minimal bleed through

Works on many surfaces

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We like how long you can leave this tape up without it pulling down paint (or wall) when removing it. If you’re on a more comfortable time frame with your project, this is a good tape for you. It delivers pretty good lines, but make sure you firmly apply pressure so the lines stay sharp.