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Duck Brand Painter’s Tape has been around for a long time. Duck Brand has always made high-quality tape and provide value with this $12.00 pack of three. The quick release painter’s tape has a width of 0.94 inches and a length of 60 yards. The back of this tape has a crepe paper backing, which helps to prevent air bleed and aids in easy removal. This tape can be left on for 14 days with guaranteed easy removal; after that, it may start to stick more. It has a medium adhesion so it is versatile in use. It can be used on glass, trim, metal, wood, and even rough exteriors. This is the ideal tape to have in any painter’s toolbox since it can handle various tasks. This tape also has the benefit of UV protection, ensuring that a quality paint job remains perfect. This is one of our favorite painter’s tapes as it provides both value and quality in one roll.


UV resistant

Works on interior or exterior

Crepe paper backing to prevent paint bleed

Overall We'd Say

We wouldn’t consider this professional grade tape but it’s pretty affordable. It’s sun-resistant so it’s good for outdoor use. The adhesion level is medium, so make sure you apply firm pressure if you’re cutting lines with it.