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When looking for value and bundles, look no further than the Scotch Blue 6 Pack Painter’s Tape. This pack is more cost effective than buying separate rolls of tape. The average price is less than $25.00 per pack of six, which makes this a great deal. This tape is multi-use, meaning that it can be used on any surface with ease. It is easy to remove and prevents any surface damage. It can be left on for over 14 days without hassle of removal, but will start stick after the 14-day mark. This bundle is perfect for professional painters to purchase since the tape is discounted when bought as a bundle. Since it is multi-use, this tape is always perfect to have on hand for various painting tasks. It is .94 inches thick, so it covers a larger surface to prevent any accidental paint splashes or strokes.


6 pack (more affordable)

Creates fine lines

Easy removal

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This painter’s tape pack is a little more affordable than most “blue tape” competitors. It gets the job done pretty well, just make sure you apply firm pressure to whatever area you’re masking before applying paint. If it’s not completely flush with the surface it can bleed through.