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Scotch masking tape averages around $5.00, so anyone looking for good tape on a budget will find it here. This style of tape has a 1.41 width and provides 60 yards of length. This is ideal for putting on brick, concrete, rough wood, and stucco. When painting rough surfaces, this tape has a very high adhesion level to keep it on tight. We found it easy to remove even with its high adhesion level, but it is mainly used on surfaces that require more adhesion. We were surprised at its durability and its ability to stay on surfaces well. When bumping into it or painting over it, this tape stood up to a rough working environment. Similar to other masking tapes, it tears very easily, making it easy to use on the job. Overall, we recommend this tape to professional painters and DIYers that need a little more adhesion for protecting rough surfaces.


Great for abrasive surfaces (brick, concrete etc.)

Works with lacquer coatings

Sticks really well

Overall We'd Say

This is the perfect tape for rough surfaces outside. Let’s say you’re masking off some brick or stucco, the abrasion-friendly design adheres better than most competitors. This is probably the most durable painters tape on our list.