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For any painter, comfort is more important than functionality. With the Rugged Blue pants, that is the case. These are not by any means a bad pair of pants — they actually have great reviews and can be found at a great price. Averaging around $15.00, these pants are a bargain for any contractor. They are perfect for any job and are made of thick material, allowing them to handle intense work sites. They are made of 100% cotton for easy cleaning and added comfort. These pants allow knee pads to be worn and are thicker in the knee area. However, they only have two large pockets for tool storage or personal belongings. They do not offer much functionality but are a great deal for comfortable and durable pants.The Rugged Blue pants are not as heavy as other painter’s pants, so they are perfect for moving around and climbing ladders.


Big pockets

Double-knee design

Very affordable

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The double cloth around the knees make these a good buy, considering that the knee areas are usually the first part to wear out. Perfect for any position, a painting contractor will find these pants affordable and capable of handling all the different positions needed while painting a house. You can’t go wrong with the price either.