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Pointer Brand High Back Overalls are made of 100% cotton. This makes cleaning easy and provides a great amount of comfort. They have reinforced hip pockets to put tools in for easy access, as well as various accessory pockets to store multiple items. These overalls also have a watch pocket and hammers loops for added functionality. The buttons are rustproof, so they will last a long time with heavy wear and tear. Pointers Brand is definitely not as well known as other competitor brands, but makes quality products. We found these overalls to be great for functionality, mobility, and durability. All of the overalls are true fit to help with finding the perfect size. They are a very expensive set of overalls, averaging around $80.00-$90.00 per pair. This is not ideal for anyone wanting to save money but is perfect for painters wanting high-quality overalls.


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Very comfortable

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These bibs are on the high end of the pricing scale, but totally worth it. They are made with quality fabric that maintains its mobility. We’ve always loved the high-back bib style, so if you want to look like a painter, these complete the image.