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Wooster has been around since 1851 and has always improved their paintbrushes throughout the years. The company originally made the nylon shortcut, which was a smaller hand brush that provided more comfort and control. It was the perfect brush for latex, acrylic, and water-based stains.  Years later, Wooster continues to redesign and improve the quality of its brushes. The Wooster Shortcut Angle Brush is one of the best short brushes we have seen. It is around 2″ long and has a full-size brush for holding more paint. This is an easy to handle brush with its short design and nylon based handle. It is comfortable to use when staining or adding extra shine to different surfaces. This brush has a Shergrip that is only 2-1/4 inch long that provides easier control in tighter spaces. The brass plated ferrule helps the brush stay on tight and keeps bristles from becoming damage at the core of the brush. This is a perfect brush for control and maneuverability and is made with quality in mind.


Short handle for ultimate mobility

Great multi-use brush

Works with all paints

Overall We'd Say

This brush has a very unique design with it’s short handle; you can really get into tight spaces when you’re cutting. The price is extremely affordable and we couldn’t find one negative thing to say about this brush. It’s definitely recommended for all; beginner or pro.