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One of Wooster’s more popular brushes is the Ultra/Pro Lindbeck Angle Paint Brush. This particular brush is made with an extra firm Nylon blend to help paint apply smoothly. We have noticed a difference with this model versus other standard brushes for applying thicker coats and painting trim. For any job that needs a stronger brush, this is the toughest one out there.  It is ideal for edging, since it offers more control and maneuverability. In hot and humid climates, this brush maintains its shape and provides the same amount of quality work. It is made of 100% nylon, so compared to a polyester blend, it will leave a smoother finish. The bristles are extra firm, so holding more paint is not an issue. This makes it perfect for painting trim and woodwork. This brush can handle thick paints and primers to use outside as well as interior wall painting. The bristles are held by around rust-resistant ferrule, so this brush is guaranteed to last a long time. Wooster has always made high-quality brushes. We recommend that every professional keeps this brush in their paintbrush toolbox at all times. It is one of the best angle paint brushes we have seen as it will provide quality work with ease.


Firm bend

Rust-resistant ferrule

Maple wood handle

Overall We'd Say

This is a high quality brush. If you like a more firm bend in your paint brushes, this one is perfect for you. Wooster produces very durable products, so this brush is definitely painting contractor-ready. The angled 2.5” design makes cutting in really easy. You’ll get great lines with this brush.