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Stanley offers a very affordable paint brush that you can use for almost any coating. The versatility and comfort of the anti-fatigue grip allows you to keep painting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of furniture or your bathroom walls, you can confidently apply an even coat with the polyester filaments. Polyester is one of the tougher fibers available for paint application, so you’ll get a lot of use out of these brushes. Polyester is also very easy to clean and maintains its shape and flexibility after multiple uses. If you’ve ever painted for long periods of time, you know the cramping and discomfort that can happen in your painting hand. The Stanley Soft Grip brush fits perfectly in your hand and is very comfortable to hold and apply pressure, limiting the hand-cramping that can follow. This particular paint brush set comes with 3 quality brushes; a 1.5 inch angled brush, a 2 inch angled brush, and a 2 inch straight brush, capable of applying paint to a wide variety of surfaces. We think you will be satisfied with the quality of these brushes, and the price is amazing.


Very affordable


Polyester filaments

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These are great entry-level brushes. They don’t take a lot of over-cleaning or bristle conditioning and you can apply all paint types. Our favorite thing about this brush is the handle; it’s very comfortable and grippable. The pricing is very appealing as well.