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The most popular of the Purdy brand brushes is the Xl Series Wall Paint Brush. This brush is made for all jobs types, interior or exterior. It can handle all paint types, which makes this an extremely useful brush to have on hand. It has a length of 3-1/2 inches, so it can cover larger areas with ease. The bristles are very stiff, but this feature is part of the great design of this brush. The stiff bristles help with heavier outdoor projects and can prevent messes from hot temperatures and high humidity. This particular brush is made with a Satin-Edge Nylon and Orel polyester. This means that it is easier to clean and can hold more paint than other non-satin brushes. Purdy also has made a special tipping on this brush and a flagging process that makes the ends ragged. In the long run, these features will help to cover more areas, hold more paint, and provide even coats without brush marks. The Xl brush has a hand-chiseled handle to help prevent dragging and guarantee a smoother finish. This brush can handle any paint type, so any job type can be tackled with this brush. This brush is one of our favorites since it can handle almost any large task and is made with quality in mind.


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This is one of the biggest brushes on our list and holds a lot of paint. It’s perfect for house trim or large surfaces that you’re going to hand brush. It’s Purdy so naturally the quality is great. Some people complain about the higher price, but you can use it forever (assuming you clean it well after each use). This is a go-to brush for painting contractors everywhere.