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Purdy is one of the most popular paint brush brands to date. The brand has always created quality handcrafted brushes that provide a great amount of control and guarantee a quality paint job. When looking for a versatile and widely used brush, the 2 inch XL Series Cub Angular Trim Paint Brush is the best option available. This particular model has a nylon/polyester bristle, which aids in smooth and perfect coverage.  It can be used with almost all types of oil and latex based paints, so it is perfect for handling any job. The medium stiffness bristles make it easy to paint. It holds a large amount of paint with each dip and doesn’t drag when painting. This brush has a 3-3/4 inch handle for an easier grip and a slightly angled head for easier motions. The filaments are tapered nylon and polyester, making for more of a natural bristle.


2 inch for fine cutting

Angled bristles

Copper Ferrule (handle cap)

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Purdy makes some of the best paint brushes in the game. A lot of people criticize their high price but change their mind after using one. It has a unique bend to the bristles that applies a nice even coat, not too firm, not too soft. If you’re ready to use a high-end brush, make sure you’re willing to take care of it. Letting paint dry on one of these is the ultimate sin.