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We are big fans of Purdy paint brushes and recommend almost any of its brushes to professional painters. The Pro-Extra Glide is no exception. The Pro-Extra Glide is a smooth brush that can handle all types of paints. Whether it is used for trimming, wall painting, or staining, this brush can handle it. It has longer filaments than other Purdy brushes, so it was made to take more wear and tear. The bristles are also really thick, so they can hold a large amount of paint. Like all other Purdy brushes, this one has a handmade wooden handle and is an angular trim. This brush has a rounded stainless steel ferrule to keep all the bristles in place and prevent any paint drips. This brush has nylon dipped filaments to keep it lasting longer and to make cleanup time much easier.


Great for all paints

Holds a lot of paint/longer filaments

Rounded ferrule

Overall We'd Say

This is a high quality brush. If you like a more firm bend in your paint brushes, this one is perfect for you. Wooster produces very durable products, so this brush is definitely painting contractor-ready. The angled 2.5” design makes cutting in really easy. You’ll get great lines with this brush.