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The Purdy Clearcut is another one of the best paint brushes to have. It has a 3″ clear-cut glider trim paint brush. This brush is made for the purpose of painting trim with ease and provides a quaintly paint job. The brush has a thinner tip at the top to paint finer areas and is made of nylon polyester. The nylon/polyester helps keep paint on the brush during painting to avoid drips. In addition, the nylon/polyester combination makes for a smoother finish. We found that this trim brush handles better than other trim brushes, but does the same quaintly job as the Purdy 2-1/2 inch trim brush. This brush, being a little bit larger, helps cover larger cut trim, but can still be used for small trim as well. It can be used with all paint types, so the versatility makes it a handy brush to have. The filaments are stiff enough to hold more paint and it won’t come off as easy as other brushes. The rounded hardwood handle makes it an easy brush to use. Overall, this brush is an ideal tool for any professional painter.


Very high quality

Applies even coat

Angled for easy cut-ins

Overall We'd Say

Purdy makes great brushes. They are definitely considered high-end professional-grade. Painting contractors are very loyal to their paint brushes, which is why Purdy has such a large following. This angled brush makes cutting in super easy, but also applies an even coat so you don’t have to go over patchy areas again and again.