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Presa is relatively new online tool company that makes various paint products and handyman tools. The company has only been around since 2016 and has made only a few paint brushes. The Premium pack of five is one of the options offered by Presa for a versatile set of brushes. These machine-made brushes are not as high quality as brushes from other brands, such as Purdy or Wooster, but they are a budget-friendly product. These brushes are made with professionals in mind and are not bad for their price. The filaments are a new type called SRT which guarantees up to 30% more paint holding and helps make clean up time much easier.  The filaments are smooth and are different than other leading brands bristles. With the new style filament dipping process, these bristles will make for a very smooth finish. These brushes are heavy duty and can handle outdoor paint jobs such as decks and fences. This brush set is ideal for any professional who wants a set of brushes that can handle various tasks. The newer design may be different then traditional handmade brushes, but the price is a steal for the quality job performed.


Great value

Different sizes/angles for multiple applications

Holds a lot of paint

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These are great brushes for a diy’er. They won’t break the bank but will still hold up on even the most abrasive surfaces. It comes with 5 different brush sizes so you can complete any project. The quality is surprisingly good for the low price.