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Quality, quantity, and value are what comes to mind with these blue-handled brushes. KingOrigin brushes are 100% polyester and can handle multiple tasks. With 5 different brush types and two of each type, this pack of ten offers bang for buck. The set can handle almost any paint type, from acrylic to a variety of stains. The polyester bristles make it ideal for holding paint and allows the brush to be cleaned with ease. We found that polyester based brushes leave a smoother finish and require fewer strokes than other brushes. The handle of these brushes is plastic, which prevents any issues with splinters and makes it comfortable to handle. These brushes feel lightweight compared to multiple wood-based handles, so hand tiredness will not be an issue. With this brush type, pressing on walls with a lot of pressure will not make the paint drip or provide a low-quality job. KingOrigin has been making brushes since 1978, which is longer than other leading brands. With its low price and variety of brush types, this set is perfect for any professional painter.


Great value for 10 brushes

Strong Polyester Bristles

Wide size range

Overall We'd Say

You can’t go wrong with 10 new brushes for this price. We wouldn’t consider these high-end brushes but they can certainly get the job done. The bristles are made of 100% Polyester so cleaning them is easy and they hold up over time, no matter how rough the surface.