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Hiltex brushes are made with price in mind. This is a decent brush set that provides value and will last for a few jobs. The brushes can be reused but are mainly made for water-based paints. These are not the best brushes in regards to durability, but averaging around $7.00 for a set of five, these brushes are a steal. They can handle around 1-2 simple jobs, but we found that they tend to become damaged very easily. The package includes a 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 2-inch, 2-1/2, and 3-inch brush. This is the perfect set for water-clean-up or quick jobs. The bristles are coated in polyester, so they can hold a large amount of paint and make cleanup much faster and easier. With the varying sizes, this set can be used for trim, walls, and even decks. We recommend a higher quality brush for long-term projects, as these are made to be quick job brushes. The quality is not comparable to other leading brands, but that’s what makes these brushes a great touch-up set to own.


Width diversity

Extremely affordable

Natural wood handle

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These probably are not ready for the full-time painting contractor, but for a homeowner or DIY’er they’re perfect. The price is extremely affordable and you get a wide range of sizes. We love the feel of the natural wooden handle too. Many competitors bristles fall out at this price, but these hold up really well.