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Bates is a lesser-known paint brush brand that offers quality products at a fair price. The company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee that the brushes will last. Bates strives on creating long-lasting brushes that will not be thrown away, but used for multiple jobs. These brushes are easier to clean with the nylon dipping, which also helps the product to last longer. The handles are wooden and lightweight, which is helpful during tedious jobs. This brush is comfortable to handle and the wood is not cheap, which prevents splinters from forming. The handle is easy to maneuver, which helps to provide a professional look. The filaments are synthetic, which we find is better for holding more paint. This saves time and can help lead to a thicker looking finish. These brushes are sturdy and long lasting, so replacing them won’t need to happen often.


Very affordable

Includes an angled brush and a trim brush

Lightweight wooden handle

Easy to clean

Overall We'd Say

These brushes are a great value and still hold up in quality. Whether you’re an amateur or a full time painting contractor, these will get the job done. We also found them very easy to clean, saving us time on the jobsite. Don’t let the low price fool you, these brushes will hold up over time.