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The Wagner 9175  has a 15 amp airless spray system. This sprayer is perfect for contractors looking for mobility and high performance. This sprayer can utilize up to 5 gallons of paint material at a time with over 0.35 gallons per minute, and around 3000 psi. This sprayer is ideal for any job since it can handle all materials, including sealers and fillers. The system features an auto lube system and Twin stroke piston pumps which aid in spraying even amounts and keeps the sprayer running smoothly. The gun features a 4 finger trigger for easy grip and control, while the 0.019 tip is a great size for larger projects.

The Wagner 9175 also includes a 50-foot hose for mobility and flexibility. The hose is one of the more flexible ones we have seen and has abrasion resistance to protect it during a busy job site. The design is a steel metal frame on top of two wheels for support and portability. The handle is a removable telescoping type that allows for easier carrying and storage. The cart is larger than other cart-based models, but the sprayer makes up for it with the motor power. It features a QuickFlo pusher valve for priming to prevent any potential build-up.  This is the heaviest pump we have seen, weighing in at approximately 32 pounds. The motor is powerful enough for even the most difficult of jobs, which is a benefit that may outweigh its extra weight.  This unit is also backed by a two-year warranty should any potential issues occur during the time of use.


Sturdy upright design

Pretty affordable

Lighter than most sprayers of equal size

Overall We'd Say

This is a pretty exceptional sprayer for the price. The cleanup is a little difficult, but the reliability of this unit overshadows that. We think the price/quality ratio is fair for this sprayer. It’s good for recreational or commercial use.