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HomeRight has been known to make quality airless sprayers for over 25 years. They have original designs and keep sprayers up to date for the highest possible quality. The Power Flo Pro 2800 does not fall short of HomeRight’s innovative designs for sprayers. Boasting a speedy 0.24 gallons per minute of various paint types, a capacity support of up to 5 gallons, and a large tip size of up to 0.015, this sprayer is a great option for quick jobs. This model can cover over 2,000 square feet in approximately 20 minutes.

The Power Flo Pro 2800 is made to cover large amounts of a surface with the 515 spray tip and has a spray pattern of around 10 inches. This is perfect for home siding, walls, and any large surface. When changing jobs, the tip can be interchanged with various pattern types and sizes for any project need (additional tips not included in box). The 25-foot hose included provides a long range without having to sacrifice mobility when painting large areas. The 2800 PSI provides a steady flow of paint material and utilizes the 1/2 horsepower motor to make sure jobs are completed effectively.

This small but powerful sprayer is made for easy transportation and has a stable design. At 23 pounds, this sprayer can easily be stored in trucks. Its lightweight feature combined with its built-in handle makes it ideal for moving from project to project. When the job is finished, clean up doesn’t come as easy as other Airless Sprayers. This model does not have to ability the connect to a standard garden hose and will take some time to prep and clean before other jobs. Sacrificing the cleaning feature allows this sprayer to be more affordable. This sprayer leans more toward home DIY since the hose length is not as long as other sprayers, but can be effective depending on the job.


Extremely affordable

Easy to clean

Compact design

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This is the perfect sprayer for a DIY’er. We wouldn’t recommend it for a full time painter, but for the price, it can handle a couple projects a week. It’s relatively easy to clean after using it. We can’t deny the low price either, which makes it very accessible to the everyday homeowner.