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The Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro does not fall short of the well-made designs that Graco is known for. This unit tends to be on the smaller side of airless sprayers but is still a well put together model. This unit is ideal for professionals as it can handle a variety of paint materials and is powerful enough to complete various heavy duty tasks. The 490 PC Pro boasts a brushless 1HP motor and has a maximum PSI of 3300. The Ultra Max II 490 can produce around 0.54 gallons of paint per minute and can support a maximum tip size of 0.023.  The motor is fully enclosed, which is an added bonus that is useful for keeping it running smoothly during various projects. This model also has a fan to keep the pump and motor cool during use.

This model features what’s called Smart Control 2.5, which is a computer program that keeps track of the Ultra Max’s usage, including both hours and gallons used. This tool helps the user to maintain proper control of the sprayer to adjust to various jobs, as well as assist in tracking the usage per job. The pump itself is a Chromox stainless steel rod, which Graco states will last a lifetime of use. The entire sprayer has a filtration system that helps to thin paint and keeps it running smoothly. This feature will also aid in cleanup time and reduce clogs after a heavy job.

The Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro has a system called FastFlush that helps during post job cleaning. This feature allows the motor to run at a higher RPM and forces out paint that may be stuck in the system. Clean water can be used with the process to also help clean out any stuck paint clogs or material.  Graco’s new Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro is ideal for professionals, as it has enough power and features to make it last a lifetime. Graco makes some of the best airless sprayers, and this is an example of one of their greatest models.


Easy pump replacement

Very powerful motor

Lighter than most commercial sprayers

Overall We'd Say

We really like this sprayer. A little more expensive than some sprayers, but the durability justifies the cost. The pump is very reliable and can be easily replaced should it fail. It’s very compact and lightweight considering the power output. It’s definitely painting contractor ready.