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The Graco Ultra 395 Stand Electric Airless Paint Sprayer is one of Graco’s more heavy duty and powerful sprayers. With a max output of 3300 psi and a motor hp of 7/8 TEFC DC, this sprayer makes an ideal product for all full-time professional painters. This unit contains “the most reliable pump on the market” and is guaranteed to last two times longer than any other leading sprayer brand. It has a V-max Blue packing and Chromex rod for guaranteed life and quality of paint flow. It is also able to connect to a garden hose for a easy cleaning after a job.

This pump has one of our favorite features with the ProConnect pump replacement system. It takes less than 1 minute to fully replace the pump for this model, which we found was perfect for giving the unit a long life. The smart control system aids in pressure choice for different projects and can be adjusted to use smaller tips for more fine work.

The Graco 395 contains steel gears as well as a chromed steel-based frame, so the model is guaranteed to provide a long life. The pump filter is on top of the unit, allowing the user to easily connect a garden hose to clean up and eliminate potential spills. This unit won’t collapse during use, which is handy for starting the hose and leaving the unit to clean itself while taking care of other tasks.

The “contractor gun” is a heavy duty RAC 517 switch tip and has a guard. This model offers a variety of options for cleaning and is powerful enough to handle any heavy duty project. It is ideal for contractors and would be a perfect addition for any professional painter.


Very durable pump

Consistent spray fan

Very dependable

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It’s hard to get this sprayer new, since it was discontinued by the manufacturer, so get these units while you can. You’ll get many reliable uses out of this unit, and it’s paint pump is second to none. If you’re a full time painting contractor wanting to deliver quality work, this sprayer is for you.