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The Graco Magnum 257025 Sprayer boasts a stainless steel piston-based pump and provides high pressure that can cover large amounts of surfaces. It also features adjustable pressure so that small to mid-range projects can be tuned to any painter’s needs. The flexible suction tubes are able to be used in multiple containers. When tackling a large project, it can pull paint from a 5-gallon bucket for consistent flow.

The tip can be rotated which makes unclogging thick paint or leftover particle much easier. Since the hose is able to be attached to large buckets, it can be connected to any standard garden hose to clean it out.

The casing of this model features a moderate-sized compartment that can be used to place additional tips/spouts and other components the user may need to switch out during a job. This feature makes it easy to use around job sites and can eliminate the need for additional toolboxes.

The standard hose issued with this sprayer is 25ft long, which allows the sprayer to be moved less frequently. The Graco Magnum 257025 sprayer is great for varying projects and jobs. From the DIY person to the professional painter, this sprayer guarantees top quality coating and stains.

This model has the benefit of being compact and easy to store, with the additional benefit of eliminating nozzle or tip toolboxes. For the price, this unit certainly provides a great bang for your buck and tends to be affordable for most consumers. This unit is not as complicated as other sprayers on the market, making it great for veteran professionals or those who may be just starting out with DIY projects around the house.


Handles thicker coatings

Extremely affordable

Very compact/mobile

Overall We'd Say

This sprayer is not recommended for full-time use (Graco recommends 50 gallons annually), but if you’re painting your own house, this is the perfect sprayer. It’s affordable but reliable at the same time. For the price you can’t go wrong. It’s pretty easy to clean after using it and the setup is pretty easy. It’s also not overly heavy or cumbersome so you can navigate it around the home without many movements.