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The Graco Pro210Es Cart is one of the best heavy duty models on the market. Professional contractors and remodelers will take a liking to this unit for larger projects. This model features an Endurance Pump which has a maximum life guarantee and can utilize 1500 gallons per year. This model can spray a whopping 0.47 gallons per minute and has a PSI of over 3000. This is not for DIY, as the price leans on the expensive side for the power and the features it has. The maximum tip size it can take is 0.021 and can handle a maximum hose length of 200 feet.

This model, in particular, is quite a hefty one,  weighing in at approximately 62 pounds. As a result, this unit is not made for mobility. The unit has a Dura DC motor, which can utilize longer extension cords and makes sure this unit lasts a lifetime. The frame is a welded chrome plated steel frame which is higher quality than other heavy-duty sprayers. The spray gun is an SG3 metal premium gun and offers a sharp swivel, allowing for a large distance from the sprayer itself. This model provides a lot of functionality on worksites, and while it sacrifices mobility, it makes up for it with its performance. Post-job cleaning is as easy as connecting a standard garden hose to flush it out and reversing the tip to remove any stuck-on debris. This unit also has a quick access valve for cleaning on a deeper level and eliminates the need for time when cleaning. The handles can be retracted to easily store it in low areas and the wheels are durable for any heavy duty sites.


Easy pump replacement

Cart style

Can handle many different coatings

Overall We'd Say

This sprayer is commercial-ready and ready to pump thousands of gallons per year. Even if the pump wears out, it’s very easy to replace it with its unique design. You’ll save time on cleanup as well. The price range is on the low end for commercial-ready airless sprayers.