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Krause and Becker’s airless paint sprayer is affordable and one of the more powerful units. With its simple design and focus on power, this unit is ideal for DIY projects and as a backup sprayer for professional contractors.  This unit contains a 5/8 HP motor and has an output of about 3000 PSI.  The metal gun in the box is easy to handle and has a built-in filter to help decrease build-up and allow for smooth paint flow. While this unit is simple, it does have easy to use controls for adjusting pressure.

This model comes with a paint pickup stainless steel bucket and helps prevent corrosion with multiple uses. The stainless steel bucket is also nice for keeping paint smooth, with a notably large difference in the texture. The spray gun has a lock for the trigger to keep paint constantly flowing, which is perfect for larger projects. This unit is also versatile with interchangeable tips. The unit comes with a 517 tip that is reversible for post-job cleanup. It can handle acrylic-based paint and latex, but not filler or texture-based material. The gallons per minute with this particular unit is not as great as other models. With only 18 gallons an hour, this model is not made for speed, but power. Using this model indoors we found to be less ideal than using the unit outside because of the overspray.

This sprayer is a great bang for your buck with a fine tip/gun, a powerful motor, and the ability to handle smaller jobs. We would not recommend this for a main sprayer, as it only can handle 8-10 gallon jobs with perfection, but makes for an affordable backup for painting professionals.


Extremely affordable

Great pressure for the price

Compact and mobile

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This is the most affordable sprayer on our list, but if you’re using it part-time, it should hold up to most paint jobs. It has great pressure output so exterior jobs are a breeze. We love how compact this sprayer is, making it easy to navigate your home. Easy cleanup is also a plus.