Everything You Need to Paint a House – A Complete Painting Contractor Checklist

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Here is a complete list for everything a professional painting contractor needs to paint a house. Some painters have more specialized items, but this list is pretty inclusive. We also tried to find the best deal without sacrificing quality or durability. We were willing to spend a little bit more on painting tools that would last job after job.

(This is a crew kit for 2 painters) If you have a bigger crew like 3-5 painters, you’ll need more of the multiple-quantity items.

ItemTotal CostPainting Products
Roller Frames (9" and 4")$15 (for 2)
Paint Brushes (1.5" angular brush 2.5" angular brush, 3" flat trim brush)$21 (for 3)
Pole Extension$52
Ladders (15" step ladder, 24" extension ladder, 32" extension ladder)$900 (for 3)
Airless Paint Sprayer$400
Wide-Fan Spray Tip$25
Narrow-Fan Spray Tip$25
Tip Extension$33
Gas Pressure Washer$310
Hand-Masker$60 (for 2)
Caulking Guns$42 (for 2)
Paint Scrapers$12 (for 2)
Wire Brush$5
Box Cutter Knife$10
Pair of Pliers$8
Drop Cloths (Large Square, Long Rectangle)$30 (for 2)
Power Sander$60
Spray Shield$21
Paint Pails (1 for body color, 1 for trim color)$20 (for 2)
Package of Painter Rags$10
Pairs of Ladder Mitts$33 (for 2)
Bottle Paint Remover$7
Ladder Leveler$40
5-gallon Buckets$7 (for 2)
Electrical Extension Cord (50 ft.)$60

Total Cost for All Items: $2,222.00


Your most expensive painting equipment items are the sprayer, pressure washer and ladders. If you’re not willing to outright purchase these items, you can usually rent them for:


Airless Paint Sprayer – $65 per day

Gas Pressure Washer – $60 per day

3 Ladders – $60 per day


So that covers the actual equipment, but what about the materials?


Painting Materials Needed (2,500 sq ft. house, medium prep-work, exterior)

ItemTotal CostProduct (Picture w/ link to Amazon)
House Paint$400 (with contractor discount)
Rolls Masking Plastic$23
Rolls Masking Paper$30
Painter's Tape$50
Heavy-duty Trash Bags$33

Total Cost for All Paint Materials: $602.00


Your biggest expense for your materials checklist is the house paint. If you don’t have a contractor’s discount, expect to pay much more than $400 for paint. House paint at retail can be double the cost without a discount.




This is everything you need! Whether you’re a homeowner painting your own house, or a seasoned painting contractor, these items/materials will get the job done right.


It wouldn’t make sense to buy all the painting equipment for 1 paint job, but if you plan on painting multiple houses, it makes sense to invest in everything on the list.


If you were to buy everything on both lists, you’d be spending almost $3,000, which is usually what it costs to have your house painted. So depending on your plans, it makes sense to hire a painter if you’re doing a one-time job. If you plan on doing many jobs, stock up!


Thanks for reading! Did we miss anything? Comment below.

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