8 Must-Have Painting Tools

There are hundreds of little painting gadgets in a paint store designed to make your job easier. In our experience many of them don’t work very well. However, there are a few must-have tools that work EXTREMELY well. These tools make painting a house much easier. In fact, your painting van might feel empty without these items:

1. Extension Pole

Once you’ve used an extension pole, there’s no going back to hand-rolling. An extension pole gives you way more leverage and force when rolling walls, siding and trim. You can apply a better coat and you can paint much faster.

An extension also allows you to reach high places like ceilings or peaks of houses with ease. The length of the pole also gives you a much wider painting range. Basically, this painting tool is a must-have.

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2. Sprayer Tip Extensions

Sprayer tip extensions attach to your spray gun like a regular tip, but give you another 10’’-30’’ of reach with your sprayer. These are great for spraying ceilings, difficult-to-reach peaks,and low or recessed areas.

Tip extensions increase your spray range exponentially. Less ladder movements equals time saved and more money made. This is a must-have for your jobsite.

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3. Painting Rags

Painting rags are crucial to a painting job. They may seem simple, but they’re extremely useful. You never know when you’ll need to soak up a quick spill or wipe some paint off. Painting rags are great at quickly absorbing paint. They also dry quickly so you don’t have to worry about paint streaks in unwanted places.

Painters can use painting rags to pad their ladder points, to help clean their sprayers, or to quickly wipe their hands. You must have painting rags readily available for any situation that comes up.

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4. Hand-held Paint Pail

We love painter pails. Nothing is better for quickly holding and storing your brush (without touching paint). Many painter pails have some sort of magnet or holder too, so you don’t have to worry about overloading your brush.

They fit securely in your hand so you can hold your paint supply with one hand and quickly paint and load your brush with the other.

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5. Ladder Mitts

Ladder mitts protect the siding or walls of a house. Ladders can get heavy, especially if there is wind or trees to contend with. The last thing you want to do is break a window or chip or dent siding with an unprotected ladder. Simply pop some ladder mitts on the end of your ladders and you don’t have to worry about damaging any part of the house.

Usually, they are made of soft rubber, so you can easily peel off any built-up paint. They also help to stabilize your ladder once placed on the house.

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6. Goof Off Paint Remover

Goof Off is great for quickly removing stains or spills. It works wonders on getting paints or stains off windows and aluminum siding and a number of other surfaces. It’s also not toxic, so you can safely use it indoors.

No painter van is complete without a paint remover. Be careful WHERE you use Goof Off though; it’s not suited for cleaning leather, clothing etc.

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7. Ladder Leveler

Ladder levelers are great for quickly stabilizing your ladder. You can safely position your ladder on many different surfaces that would have been too dangerous before. You can use them with extension or step ladders in seconds.

Sometimes painters push ladder safety to the extreme. Even WITH a ladder leveler, make sure your ladder is completely stable before climbing to serious heights.

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8. Spray Shield

Spray shields are an absolute must-have for painting contractors. Spray shields allow you to quickly mask or shield an area from overspray, making the whole spraying process even faster. It is still encouraged to mask any areas of a house that are at risk of getting overspray (like brick, roofs, concrete etc.)

We recommend using shorter strokes when spraying with a spray shield. You don’t want to overshoot the length of your spray shield. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be completing paint jobs even faster.

We personally prefer the spray shields that bend to accommodate any angle.

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